Loose switches, warm outlets, loose plugs, rust on your electrical panel, and lack of outlets (leading to overload of a circuit); are all signs it’s time to upgrade your electrical system! Out-dated electrical systems are dangerous, costly, inefficient, and may be lowering the value of your home or business. When it’s time to supercharge your electrical system, Erubi Engineering is your solution! We specialize in a variety of electrical work, including electrical service upgrades and replacements. Our expert electricians have over 12 years of experience providing superior electrical service to clients in the Portland area. We will help you determine which electrical updates are right for you. Whether you need to upgrade and existing system or fully replace it with a new one, Erubi Engineering will ensure your electrical system is up to code, SAFE, and efficient.

Your electrical system should work for you, not against you! Let Erubi Engineering keep your home or business safe and working to power your life, your home, or your business. We are dedicated to turning your electrical problems into solutions – all for a price that fits within your budget. Call Erubi Engineering or fill out our contact form for your electrical estimate today!