Security Alarm: To help protect your business from robbery and unauthorized entry, we install, service and monitor a full line of internal and perimeter security systems. We offer everything from security door locks and window alarms to motion detectors, hold-up alarms and panic buttons. Opening and closing reports are available to business owners and managers who want to monitor the entry and exit of employees. Contact or call us to learn more about how our security alarm services can help protect your business.

Fire Alarm Systems: Monitored fire alarm systems can save lives and reduce damage to your building by providing rapid notification to local fire departments. We have certified designers that have engineered systems in hospitals, hotels, governmental facilities, restaurants and residential types of construction. Once we design and install your customized system, your system has the ability to be monitored 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. If an emergency is detected, you’ll be able to respond promptly and notify the appropriate authorities. Call us today to learn more about how our fire alarm services can protect your business.

Electric Fence Installations & Repairs: Installing an electric fence is an easy and cost-effective way to deter, detect or delay intruders from entering your property. With a high voltage shock, intruders will therefore have difficulties entering your premises. If by any chance the fence is being tampered with, the energizer will also sound an alarm and you will instantly be notified.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with various electrical fencing products. We also have experience with different types of fencing applications, and you can count on Erubi Engineering for a professional installation or repair services.

Benefits of Electric Fencing:

  • Easy Installation: Electric fences are easier to install when compared with barbed wire fences. The components of an electric fence are light weight and easy to carry. Minimum planning and preparation is required for an electric fence installation.
  • Lower Cost: The use of electrified fencing make the process of fencing much more affordable. This is because fewer support post are required with electric fencing which reduces the cost of the whole project.
  • Higher Flexibility: Electric fencing can be used in a variety of situations and scenarios. With electric wire fencing individual adjustments can be made according to your needs which make an electric fence usable in any environment or soil condition. We can also implement electric wire fencing over existing walls and fences.
  • Better Safety: Traditional barbed wire can be very dangerous and can cause physical injuries. With electrified fencing there is minimal risk of physical injury.
  • Easy Maintenance: Electric fencing require very little maintenance and care after installation. You only need to ensure that the battery and fence charger are kept clean and dry.