When your business needs electrical equipment installation that requires wiring with precision and care, it’s best to hire a licensed electrician. At Erubi Engineering, our trained professionals can hook up any type of electrical equipment or machinery for your business needs. We provide many installation and repair services for electrical equipment in many types of commercial properties in and around the East African Region.

Expanding or relocating your business? The new facility probably won’t have the same set up as your existing property. The licensed electricians at Erubi Engineering can install the proper configurations to hook up your new oven, printing press, or any other type of equipment that needs electrical installation. Some of the electrical equipment installations and repair services we provide include:

  • New electrical equipment installation
  • Used electrical equipment installation
  • Disconnect and reconnect of electrical machinery
  • Three phase equipment hookups

Erubi Engineering can hookup any electrical machinery for any type of business. Whether you need new equipment or machinery, or need to relocate your existing equipment to a new facility, Erubi Engineering is your “go-to” electrician for your electrical equipment installation services. Call us today!